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Update Nov 2005: Celiac sprue
diarrhea, weight loss, abdominal pain, vomiting, bloating and distention, anorexia and constipation.
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Lower Back Pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Is there a correlation between lower back pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Researchers have long argued that IBS may be caused by abnormal functioning of the nerves and muscles of the bowel. No indication or explanation is ever given as to why this malfunction might occur ...More Here
Acid Reflux Links With IBS
Acid reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, is an unpleasant condition in and of itself, as you know. Now imagine being afflicted with that AND irritable bowel syndrome ...More Here

IBS, Food Intolerance, and Children
Today's children and young people are growing up with far more dietary and environmental hazards than did previous generations. Children are generally not major fans of a simple, natural diet, high in plant based foods and water! And despite the popularity of many television ...More

Exercise and IBS: What's the Connection?
Exercise is vital to the IBS sufferer for two specific reasons. First, exercise makes your body stronger. Exercise strengthens the immune system, making it less likely that other illnesses or disorders will occur. ...More

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