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Colon Cleansing

Colon Cleansing has become a very controversial subject in recent years. Heralded as the wonder treatment for such things as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis and Crohn’s Disease by some in the  herbalist / naturalist camp, and besmirched by many in the medical community as a useless and potentially harmful practice.

If you search the internet you can find thousands and thousands of testimonials that tout the use of colon cleansing as a wonder treatment for IBS and other inflammatory disorders. Could they all be Lies? Or is there an element of truth in what the testimonials claim?

It bears at least having a look at the very least. Many people have spent years upon years suffering from these maladies, with little or no relief from the pain and destruction to their quality of life. Many people have spent much of their life savings, some all, seeking relief from the medical community that has provide very little in the way of concrete help for those that suffer. IBS is one of the most reported diagnosed disorders in the United States today, yet Doctors are unsure of what causes it, and have no solid methods of treatment.

Each year more and more people are seeking answers elsewhere for those things that they feel medical science has not addressed to satisfaction in their lives. Sure many unscrupulous individuals are willing to jump on the band wagon with hyped up miracle cures, trying to make the fast buck, but there are those that believe in and practice alternative medicine not for the money, but for the good that it does.

Unfortunately the too sides of medicine rarely agree. This document won’t speculate on why that is only that it is. Alternative medicine usually opts for simplistic or common sense, uncomplicated solutions to the health problems people encounter. The scientific medical community has taken curative medicine and turned it into a behemoth of bureaucracy and expense. Using bigger and more expensive test to accomplish what use to be simple procedures, with relatively the same results in many cases.


Colon Cleansing  Hotly Contested

Why is Colon Cleansing so hotly contested by so many in the medical community when there are so many that have sworn results and relief by its practice? It might be because the average cost for the recommended colon cleansing regiment, even long term is less then $500.00, where as the cost of a colonoscopy and drug therapy for the treatment of any inflammatory bowel disorder ranges into the 10’s of thousands of dollars for long term treatment.

The scientific medical community insists that the dangers involved with colon cleansing are too great to use it as a practical real world treatment. But what are the risks involved in most modern drug therapy treatments. Many times patients involved in drug treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases suffer drastic if not life threatening consequences as a result of the prescribed drugs

Granted there needs to be a measure of common sense used when considering Colon Cleansing. If a patient is experiencing severe bleeding due to ulceration of the colon or intestine, then it is prudent to seek measure to bring the bleeding under control quickly. But what about the person who is in remission of Crohn’s Disease, a disease that medical science freely admits it has an extremely difficult time actually verifying if any of its defined treatments actually do any good or not. What if that person chooses to utilize a Colon Cleansing regiment and suffers few if any relapses in a several year period. Did the regiment harm the patient? Did it actually do the patient any good? What about the thousands of IBS suffers who claim to have few or no symptoms after initiating the bowel cleansings? Is feeling better harming that patient?

It is not the purpose of this document to place at odd the two camps, nor is it to take one side over the other. The purpose is to get people to think about their own health treatments and procedures. The best recommendation would be that if it works use it. If a procedure gives back some quality of life, does you no perceivable harm, and is legal, without prejudices, patients should be allowed to choose the procedure.

Those that have trusted in the scientific medical community for relief of pain and symptoms, but have received little or no benefit from treatment, should not be made to feel as traders or slight of mind if they choose to seek alternative treatments. Doctors are not God; they don’t have all the answers. You have a choice.


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